Naousa the famous city

If you have any desire to go in the island of Paros you want to visit the renowned town named Naousa. Naousa is one of the biggets towns of Paros and there you can track down the best places for dinning, bars and verifiable destinations. In Naousa you will track down the old harbor and numerous wonderful sea shores.

Naoussa is certainly one of the most beautiful seaside settlements in Greece. Its thin rear entryways mirror the moderate existence of the occupants before, when the assets that came chiefly from the ocean, were restricted. Today, the focal point of Naoussa economically joins legacy with the cutting edge lifestyle. A couple of moments from Svoronos, you will appreciate astonishing cafés and bars, bars, stores, vacationer shops, all secret in the rear entryways of Naoussa. This region is so interesting and delightful, that consistently huge number of photography sweethearts come here to experience their enthusiasm. As the traveler framework of our town is profoundly evolved contrasted with different areas of Paros, you can track down everything in the focal point of Naoussa.

Svoronos is situated in Naoussa, Paros. This popular town in the northern piece of the island, is one of the most renowned spots in Greece. As the pleasant harbor and the beautiful back streets are found, you won't avoid taking numerous photographs.

Naoussa Paros, when Svoronos began to oblige explorers in 1968, was a little and wonderful fishing town. The area of Naoussa Paros, in the narrows and close to the remarkable sea shores, as well as the Cycladic engineering, added to the vacationer improvement of the area. Today, our town is a virtual piece of Greece and gets huge number of guests from everywhere the world.

On the off chance that Paros alone isn't adequately inspired to visit the island, the port of Naoussa is without a doubt! We can securely say that this is one of the most popular sights of the Cyclades. A little and exceptional spot, where boats anchor when not on a fishing trip.

The Venetian post at the entry of the port sticks out and is one of the most well known sights of Paros. It is open just when the breezes are powerless, in light of the fact that the restricted entry is presented to the ocean. You ought to take a few photos of the stronghold during nightfall, when the sun vanishes behind it.

The port of Naoussa is the focal point of nightlife of the ocean side town. Most cafés and bars, as well as bars, are situated here. Additionally from here, close to the little scaffold, you can take the boat, altered to convey travelers, to renowned sea shores like Kolimbithres and the Monastery. The port of Naoussa is an extremely beguiling spot. In this way, you ought to visit it during the day, when the white structures, the blue ocean and the vivid boats make an extraordinary setting, yet additionally around evening time, when the lights add a heartfelt perspective.